A unique and empowering detox retreat at the Dead sea and at other magical sites on earth.

Want a quick and efficient boosting now? Or to press the reset button on your life? Or maybe a deeper genesis process?

We will be running, together with an international team, a unique detox retreat in the world’s most famous spas and wellness destinations.

Let it all fall off you – stress, weight, negative thoughts – in a magnificent oasis of tranquility, floating on warm and healing waters, surrounded by peaceful and magical spots, filled with ancient sites’ spirituality and inspiration, in raw deserts, green forests, gardens of flowers or turquoise sea shores.

Wake up! The retreat includes everything you need for a life-changing week: yoga and meditation, Dead Sea or thermal waters, mud applications and massages, nature trails in the virgin nature, a personal consultation with a nutritionist, afternoon workshops and inspiring evening talks and activities.

Our Locations



4,000 years of history, a place blessed by nature. In Evia, the second biggest island of Greece, Edipsos has been famous for its healing and rejuvenating thermal springs since Antiquity. A warm sea, 300 days of sun a year… Thermae Sylla is more than a 5-star hotel. It is a luxury spa-hotel.

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Velingrad, a picturesque town located in the Rhodope Mountains, is known as the spa capital of the Balkans. Its mineral and healing water donates its restorative properties to Arte Spa & Park, a 5-star hotel. At the foot of the forest, surrounded by the fragrance of the pure mountain air and enchanted by birds’ songs, the hotel stands out with its artistic and modern design. Elegance, serenity and comfort are everywhere in the rooms and in the beautiful spa.

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The largest natural spa of the world, located at the lowest place on Earth – the Dead Sea, the Sea of Salt. Located on the edge of a cliff, there is a little kibbutz in the middle of the desert, in the area of Ein-Gedi – a place mentioned in the Bible. A paradise in the middle of the desert, a green oasis with wild and friendly animals, a magic botanical garden and two spas, each with its style and specific water properties: This is our “Alpha station”, the place of birth of Detox Dead Sea.

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How about learning to love your food again? Its taste, its smell, its texture and all the ways it nourishes your body and spirit?


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