Avital Dotan / Naturopath, Reflexology, Iridology.

Avital began her interest in Detox through her personal journey, in relation to healing properties she sought for herself in anti-aging and weight-loss topics. In addition to her experience in Reiki, Yoga and Kabbalah, she graduated in Naturopathy from the Medicine College (ND) in Israel. Her thesis specialised in Detox healing.

Avital’s purpose is to nurture and lead people towards the outmost best of themselves.

Avital is married and mother of 4 children.


Ofer Rozenthal / Aquatic therapy

Founder of the Aquatic therapy in the Dead sea in 2008, Ofer believes that “your breathing designs your soul. While I worked with dolphins, I practiced various breathing techniques to enhance my stay underwater. Then, I discovered Yoga and Pranayama. It transformed my Psycho-Physical existence and my world”.

Ofer is a teacher of Aquatic BodyArt, Pilates and Aquatic Yoga. Graduated in Psychology and Special Education from the universities of Bologna (Italy) and Porto (Portugal), Ofer is specialized in animal-assisted therapy (eg dolphins, horses…). He is “Ai Chi” certified as an international trainer, and an active member of international Watsu associations.

Ofer carries a special interest in the non-verbal communication of the human soul, the root of the inner-peace and the healing power of the water – the maternal element.

Following the inner liquid flow of the body thru the path of its natural origin, Ofer leads the participants to their core, to themselves.


Shani Ariav / Ayurvedic consultation

It’s during a trip to India, that Shani discovered the world of Ayuverda, literally meaning the science of life. It is a holistic type medicine including nutrition, lifestyle, yoga and massage. What started as a one-week course took her on a life journey which changed her life. Led by her passion for healing, her interest in guiding people about their relationship with the world, Shani became an expert in this broad system, aiming to maximize people’s potential to reach a state of balance; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Shani studied Ayuverda in the Indian city of Pune and in Alburquerque, New-Mexico, US. She’s an Ayuverdic Consultant (AC) and holds a BPT of Physiotherapy. As an Ayuverdic Yoga teacher, she specializes in the practice and methodology of Yoga, creating a unique and changing practice, which includes the season of the year, the geographicl location and the individualized state of the people participating. This dynamic aspect of practice and methodology is central to her perception in the healing process as a whole, including in women’s health, a field of special interest to her.

Through her scientific approach and mechanical understanding of the human body, Shani’s purpose is to assist people with finding their balance in life. the unique synchronicity between each individual and his/her surroundings – using practical tools which will allow him/her to create a desired harmonic balance.


Ruthy Lior / Psychotherapist.

Following a long journey in the Psychotherapy world, Ruthy adopted the Adlerian approach to assist people in finding the best of themselves, while they take responsibility for their life.

She graduated in Psychology (BA), and in Clinical Criminology (MA) from Bar-Ilan University. Later, she specialised in coaching studies, including people with ADHD, people subjects to adductions. Her studies also include Buddhist Psychotherapy.

Ruthy privileges a positive approach that encourages people to find the power towards freedom and happiness using their own strengths. Ruthy encourages people to reinvent themselves, quickly and efficiently.