An Ancient Secret of Beauty

Detox has been practiced for millennia and ancient civilizations, such as Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Indians were perceiving it as a natural part of purifying and cleansing the human body. Hippocratic medicine or Ayurveda methods, for instance, although born in different places and cultures, have in common the elimination of toxins on one side, and the reset of the physical balances and emotional energies of the organism on the other side. All mix the use of herbal ingredients, physical activities and various meditations


Giving Your Body a Break

Detox is a process which makes you feel healthier, younger, happier, prettier and wiser. You end a detox retreat with a clear vision and a renewed passion for life. It allows you to get in touch with the deepest part of yourself, with the kid within yourself. Your consciousness awareness of yourself and surrounding gets more acute.

Technically, you press your “reset” button by abstaining toxic input from your body and mind. Your energy is directed towards the removal of “waste”, while fresh minerals keeps you fresh, pure, vibrant – overflowing with life. With our juice-fast-method, you won’t feel hungry.

Physically, you may know that most of the energy gained from food is spent on digesting it. Our diet provides your body with a welcome break, in addition to the time-off offered to the mind.


Our Programs

Consequently, our programs targeting weight-loss and anti-aging, for instance, get boosted by the detox process, as the energy released by decreasing the activity of the digestive system allows your body to easily process overweight – thing you can’t really implement in the stress of your routine life. A professionally-managed nutritious juice fast also allows your deep-tissue to benefit from a cleansing and re-nourishment process, revitalizing your organism.

Rejuvenate and Regenerate! It’s never too late.

Touching Your Soul

No less important, the connection with your inner sources gets sharper while you’re on a detox process. It feels as if your mind is liberated and can vibrate on a different wavelength, where your mind, your soul can connect with more sensitivity and compassion to your universe.

It is time to ignite your inner light!


“Discover the  profound power within you and confidently become your own doctor”

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton