At Detox Dead Sea, we believe that a detox process is unique to each participant.

Each body, each mind, each person being one of a kind; as a detox group is made of individuals, it requires specific and personal care to answer the different needs of the group members.

Our approach is person oriented with a deep emphasis on customised care. Therefore, group size is limited for an intimate experience.


Then, breaking the routine with a detox process can be demanding. We believe that stress isn’t helping; we privilege an approach with a relax and calm atmosphere. An efficient process with long-lasting effects rests on a soft, warm, friendly and loving approach. Therefore, in all detox programs, our team focuses on a wide range of emotional support, visible during seminars and workshops, as well as during the physical activities.

The basics, that is the juices for instant, are fully nutritional, satiating. You won’t feel hunger. They’re also delicious, paradisiac nectars. And they’re also beautiful in colors.

Also, in order to break from your routine, the surrounding is of prime importance. So is the concept of retreat when you need to disconnect to better reconnect afterwards. Hence, a reset should occur in a magic environment, and we invest much thought in the selection of adequate sites: desert oasis offering wonderful and mystical energy, peace, freedom; thermal baths enhancing the detoxification process.

In general, resorts such as Ein-Gedi, our “alpha station”, are chosen for being self-contained, secluded oasis between mountains and sea, perfectly suitable for meditation (yoga…) and reclusion. The perfect places to compress you as a spring – all delicately – for you to reach higher spheres afterwards, following the decompression process.


What makes Detox Dead Sea special is that we teach you to understand the cause of things.

As your coach, our aim is to lead you towards your ability of being independent, flying on an autonomous mode in all aspects related to your body and mind. We also suggest post-retreat communications for those who wish to follow-up after a retreat, including nutritional plans.

More than a provider of “detox retreats”, we consider ourselves being a family.

There are more surprises within the programs, little secrets kept for those who honour us with their trust, and join us.