“Doesn’t time fly….”  I hear people saying these words daily….
And yes , in my own experience the world moves faster and faster.
Nothing stays the same….and life just wants us to surrender to this stream.

Sometimes we get in a rollercoaster and loose connection with who we really are….We get lost in our emotional drama, we loose contact with our body and we get dominated by negative thought patterns. Today we call it “stress”. It is simply being disconnected from who you really are.

In my own experience the only way to reconnect again with my true self is by detoxing.  It is scientifically proven that negative thougths and emotions get into the body and block the flow of energy. Blocked energy can become dis –ease after a while.

And when your lifestream is not flowing on the inside, your life on the outside will not move fluently. Inside outside same same. The body is the book of our life. Everything that we have ever experienced in our life from when we were born is written in this book. We don’t only have a fysical body , we also have our emotional and mental being.

So once or twice a year I stop time and create space for the inner me. When I detox I feel more vulnerable and I need to be surrounded by beauty and warmth. Because my own kitchen cupboards are filled with deliciouse food (I ‘m a Belgian, I love good food) I prefer to detox abroad in beautiful surroundings.

My favourite place is Ein Gedi in the Judea Desert in Israel.
It s an oasis of peace and beauty in the middle of the desert.
Especially the kibbuts with it s botanical garden is pure magic. It has a variety of more than 900 plants from all over the world.
If paradasie exists it is really here.
There is a certain peace in Ein Gedi that opens the heart and stops the monkey mind.
And when the mind stops , we can connect again with who we really are : Love , grace and greatness.
The Dead Sea is in walking distance.

I find the combination of, desert, death sea and botanical plants simply ideal for a enjoyable detox.
When you want to purify, nature is the best place to retreat.
Because mother earth is willing to take all our human negativities and transform them into new life…That is what she constantly does in nature ….it s the circle of life.

Have you ever realised how much “stuff” we take in daily….
Our thoughts get constantly poisoned by negative media, we often eat because we do not want to feel our negative emotions.
So we eat to narcotise ourselves. We litteraly stuff it all down.
And then we get surprised that our diamond inside is not shining anymore. That our inner smile and light are gone.
Let’s clean that inner diamond by going inside and getting rid of the dust inside of us.
Let your diamond shine again ! Come and join us for a full detox experience.

5 detox rules from Sandra

  1. Wake up in the morning and thank your body for being a life touch your belly with a smile and gently massage all the negativity out of it
  2. Start the day with fresh lime juice , fresh ginger in a cop of hot water
  3. Breath consciously and deep
  4. Ask mother earth to help you transform all negativity and give it consciously to her
  5. Smile ! Even to the negative things in life and just say : thankyou for all the lessons in life

Sandra Deakin
Nov 2015