(Written the last evening prior to Sunday departure from Dead Sea Detox)

Ein Gedi is a special place,
full of moonbeams, stars and grace.
We know not exactly what brought us here
to share our stories and feel our fears.

We know not from where each is from,
But, for this moment, we are one.
3 shooting stars did leave our midst
and they are truly, sorely missed.

And yet their spirits linger on
Their laughter, smiles carry on.
We shall all remember this,
this—our week of golden bliss.

Sharing strengths and baring souls
Seeking, testing out new goals.
Having time to pause; reflect
Without judgment or neglect–
We showed our bodies new respect.

Tomorrow onward we shall go
Sunbursts, glory and all aglow
Searching out new dreams to hold
We wander forward, our shoes RESOLED.
Holly Whitin November 19th, 2011 Ein Gedi