Are you spending a lot of money on hyaluronic acid or botox injections?  It is “en vogue” to look young and healthy and people run after a stereotype image that sometimes is difficult to achieve.

To look younger is something that we can achieve in different ways. People who practice sports on a regular basis, sleep enough and follow a healthy diet and lifestyle are already doing a lot to slow down the aging process; but more than these healthy choices, the idea to give  the body a rest  for an instance through the practice of a juice fast together with a relaxed meditation  and a wonderful climate can create miracles!

A controlled detox not only gives  us the gift of a gorgeous skin that shines with it’s pink shade, it also aids  reducing symptoms of  fatigue or energy loss and prevent illnesses.

When the body is given this rest, it adjusts itself, the metabolism enters into what is called a  catabolic stage where it makes a real  internal house cleaning and gets rid of toxins by washing them out.

During a detox unnecessary food such as junk food, animal proteins, fats,  alcohol and caffeine are avoided and the organism really can use it’s energies for a deep cleansing.

Shifting to a well balanced diet rich  with all precious vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and stimulating enzymes is something that we can call a fountain of youth  formula. Energy raises, strengh grows, muscles work better, jet lag’s become easier to go through,  often feelings of pain or discomfort vanish and we simply feel reborn.

After a few days of this dietary change we suddenly have new ideas, create new projects, remember phone numbers we didn’t remember since years and more than this our body lookes younger, stronger, some pounds just dissapeared while a smile reappeared.

Barbara Naldi