How do I get to the location of the retreat?

If you come from abroad to our retreat sites, you’ll need to fly to the nearest international airport. As we privilege quiet sites, an additional road trip is required, which may take till one or two hours depending on the location. Please contact us by email after booking for more precise information and transfer fees.

Will I be able to enjoy massage, reflexology and other alternative treatments?

Most certainly. Our sites are selected so that a team of health therapists will be at your service to provide a range of spa treatments, massages, reflexology, reiki, peeling and much more. The treatments increase the efficiency of the detox process. Before you arrive, you will receive from us more information about the treatments offered on the site. Please note that, unless otherwise specified, these treatments incur an extra charge and are not part of the Juice Fast Detox Program. Treatments can be booked during your stay or in advance; we can also advise you on which treatment is best suitable to your personal needs. Following your booking, please send us your request and we will be happy to assist you.

When available, we will also advise for a range of beauty treatments (manicure, pedicure, face treatments etc…). Whenever possible, we will try and negotiate special rates to the retreat’s participants.

What's like a daily schedule?

Although we try to keep a routine schedule, the programs do slightly change from day to day. We believe that spontaneity can contribute to exciting memories and to the vibe of the group. The program starts at noon on the first day of the retreat, with the first juice drink – it is like a ceremony!

Although a precise schedule will be announced prior to your arrival, we will discuss every evening the changes for the day after. Generally, you will start the day with a one-hour morning walk, quite early – before the sun is too high in the sky and the weather too hot. We need you in good mood, welcoming that day to come: Good morning!

After a glass of hot water with lemon, we will have a Detox-yoga session, followed by a “classic-cleanser” juice, a freshly pressed juice that we will enjoy together. Approximately at 10:30, we implement a “Body cleansing” and take the “Raw energiser” juice…. This usually includes a sea-swimming, a mud-wrapping, a hot-bath… Around 15:00, you take some time-off. We will guide you on the “loving your liver” session, and you will rest with the “liver pack”… and some tea. At 17:30, following a freshly pressed “rejuvenation punch”, we will have a meditation session followed by an evening “Soul soother”, our broth of organic vegetables. And last for that day, around 19:30, we will have an evening program: a talk, a film or a “discussion-circle”. We separate around 21:00. Good night!

Do I have to participate in all parts of the program?

No. Except for the juice drinking, which is the foundation of the program, you choose what parts you want to participate in. The program was designed to support and enhance the detox process and we’d love to see you take an active part, but we’ll all understand if you just want some quiet time for yourself.

Am I likely to experience strong emotions during the detox?

Possibly. Deep buried emotions could resurface as part of the toxins that will be flushed out of your system. Our team and often your co-fasters will be there at all times to listen, support, offer a shoulder (and a tissue!) and counsel. Acknowledging these emotions and letting them go could transform your life.

Will I feel hungry during the week?

You may feel slight hunger pangs during the first day or two, but as your body adjusts to the lightness of the juice diet, all hunger will be replaced by an uplifting feeling of lightness and purity. The juices are served every 2-3 hours, juice portions are generous and you can always get extra if you feel the need.

Our experience has shown that participants find the fasting surprisingly easy to cope with. Our retreats’ are also selected so that the climate, the surroundings and the various water sources provide a great help.

Is there medical help on site?

Yes. Our selected resorts have access to a nurse and/or to medical doctors 24/7. All medical services incur an extra charge; we therefore advise for a travel insurance to be purchased, as for any trip in a foreign country.

What about the Internet and mobile phone network coverage at the hotel?

Our sites are selected so that there is free WiFi at least in the lobby of the hotel, and most of the time in the rooms as well. For the mobile phones, reception may vary depending on your network provider and the roaming arrangements you have, but generally, you won’t have a problem using your cellular phone.

What's included in my rate?

Depending on the selected country for the retreat and your citizenship, we may produce two different pricing: one including VAT for local residents, one adapted for tourists.

Fees of the hotel rooms are included, pricing varies per your selection of the room category. Prior to each trip, we will let you know which services of the hotel are included. Normally, except massages, you would have access to all spas, private shores, parks and other wellness areas. This will be clarified when we advertise for a specific retreat. Usually, we also arrange for at least one guided visit in a local attraction.

All food for the week (lemon water, vegetables, fruits etc.) and two light meals at the end of the spa are included.

High-quality supplements, detox aids are available during the retreat. A detox end kit is also supplied with instructions at the end of the retreat.

You will also receive a body cleansing kit.

The retreat also included a daily and guided morning walk in the nature, a daily yoga lesson, a guided meditation in the afternoon, a daily morning get-together with the team for all Q&A, evening talks about nutrition, detox and healthy living – and an ending ceremony.

What's not included?

Flights and transfers to the resort, although we will provide you information on that for a safe and reasonable price trip.

Also, your personal health insurance isn’t included in our rates.

And unless specified in our promotion for the retreat, spa treatments (ex: massages etc.) aren’t included either.