Visa, Flights and Tours

How do i get to the retreat?

If you come from abroad to our retreat sites, you’ll need to fly to the nearest international airport. As we privilege quiet sites, an additional road trip is required, which may take till one or two hours depending on the location. Please contact us by email after booking for more information and more precisions about transfer fees and duration will be sent to you.

Do I need a visa to reach the country in which the retreat is taking place?

Depending on your citizenship and the place of the retreat, various regulations are in place. The countries where we conduct the 2017 retreats have reciprocal agreements with a great number of other countries, leading to a minimum of concerns. Anyhow, we encourage you to check this issue with your travel agent while booking a flight, or to ask us for assistance if in any doubt.

Can I get help with flight bookings?

We will be happy to provide you with all assistance and contacts to help you joining us.

Can I arrive earlier or stay in the country after the retreat?

Your travel agent should be of good advice on that. But you could also ask us so that we put you in touch with someone of assistance.

Currency and credit cards

What currency should I take with me?

Euros, US dollars and all major Western currencies are widely accepted in the countries we select. Cash points are available near by the retreat site or at the hotel. More info will be sent after your booking.

What credit cards can I use?

All major cards are widely accepted in our selected countries. The hotels also accept all major credit cards, often including American Express. More info will be sent after your booking.


How safe are the countries in which the retreats take place?

All the countries we work in are safe, and you have nothing to worry about. Please consult with your travel agent on that, and come back to us for any information you would like to cross-check.

What about personal safety - mugging, theft etc.?

While in our retreats, do as you would do in any other hotel and keep your valuables in the safe. In large cities, as all over the world, keep your belongings tight and keep your eyes open. For transfer or even small rides, make sure you use a reputable company or driver, arranged either by the hotel or by us.

What should I bring along?

Adequate clothing depending on the season and the place. We will provide more info about this following your booking. We would like you to bring a white clothing for the ending ceremony and a special feeling. For the yoga and the meditation, you would need comfortable clothing. Please bring also comfortable shoes for walking, flip flops for sea and/or spas a bathing suit that you don’t mind getting muddy or sulfur-smelly. You may bring a Yoga mat if you prefer your own, although we will provide those.

Please bring also a light and small back pack for our walks and outdoor meetings, an alarm clock, an international electric adaptor depending on the post-booking travel information which will be sent to you.

Remember taking your regular medication if taking any.

Also, you will enjoy bringing a notebook and some pens, as well as books you’ve long wanted to read.

We would love you bringing your musical instrument if you play.

Your camera is a “must-be” companion, as well as a sense of humor and good mood 🙂