How about learning to love your food again? Its taste,
its smell, its texture and all the ways it nourishes your
body and spirit?

A guide that will help you cleanse from inside out

It’s your body wakeup call
It’s a perfect and unusual opportunity to enhance health and wellness, to work actively on your anti-aging, to delve deep into yourself
To kick-start weight-loss and good life style habits
An unhealthy metabolism, a slow metabolism cant efficiently access the fuel from the food you eat so instead of burning that fuel as energy it stores it as fat.
Dieting, hormone imbalance and living with too much stress are what slow down your metabolism.
It’s time to move into the future. This is the paradigm shift your body needs, and it will create a new healthier version of you.
The new you will view food as a tool to restore optimal health. You will learn how well your body reacts to healthy food and strategic eating.
It’s been a decade since the Dead Sea Detox is operating and we are helping people to make this paradigm shift. I’ve decided to pack al the Know-how, experience, recipes and tips into a short and focused 3-day detox guide. It’s called detox healing with juices and broth.

The guide includes

  • Why detox and how it resets your life
  • Is it for me advantages and disadvantages of detox at home
  • Complete plan schedule
  • 6 recipes + shopping list
  • 5 important tip when detox at home

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