Any healthy person can safely undergo a 7 day juice fast detox. Before you sign onto the detox retreat, please read and accept the following terms.

  • The Detox Dead Sea retreat is designed generally to improve your life quality and vitality, thereby benefitting your health. It is not designed to substitute any medical, medicinal or psychological treatment and is not recognised as standard medical practice. Each participant should be aware of his/her own medical condition and needs.
  • The organisers do not encourage any removal of medical and/or psychological treatment of any kind – without first consulting your doctor and with his written permission. Cessation of a medical treatment prematurely will be the responsibilty of the participant alone. The organisers are not responsible for any medical and/or other complications, if incurred, resulting from the detox retreat, whether before, during or after the retreat. By agreeing to undertake the Detox Dead Sea retreat you take full responsibility for your health and well-being and will have no claim and/or complaint towards the organisers for any harm caused.
  • You are fully responsible to report any medical condition, complication or aggravation before, during and after the retreat.
  • Participation in the retreat is conditional on a good state of health. If you know of any medical limitation you suffer from, you are obliged to report it before signing up to the retreat. The organisers reserve the right to refuse admission to the retreat in the case of ill health.
  • Participation in the retreat is not suitable if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, underweight or suffer from any serious and/or chronic medical condition.
  • You are aware that during the detox process you may experience toxin release. On rare occasions such release can cause discomfort, palpitations, gas, bloating, tiredness, weakness, sleeplessness, frequent urination, mood fluctuations, muscle cramps and skin dryness. These phenomena are part of the detox process and usually subside as you go further into the juice fast.
  • When resuming normal eating at the end of the retreat you may experience some constipation or slower bowel movements for about a week. By signing on to the retreat you undertake full responsibility to follow the clear instructions you will be given at the end of the retreat regarding the return to normal eating.
  • During your stay at the Ein Gedi Country Hotel you are insured as the hotel guest. You accept full personal responsibility for all activities outside the hotel premises (desert trails and activities, Dead Sea dipping and mud baths etc.) and will have no claim and/or complaint towards the organisers in the case of any mishap occurring outside the hotel premises.
  • You accept the booking terms and payment process including all provisions in the case of cancellation.
    By ticking the booking form box ‘I have read the terms & conditions’ you are confirming that you have read and accept the above information.