All our programs are based on a technique developed by Avital Dotan, naturopathic ND, and her nutritional-juice fast method.

  • They all take place in wonderful sets, far from the daily stress of the modern life.
  • They all offer a different depth of treatment, depending on the length of the program.
  • All include the juice-fast, group and personal coaching, yoga sessions, meditation, physical activities, thermal baths hydrotherapy, workshops on nutrition, cleansing and perceptions, spa treatments and optional massages.

Each of the programs below provides a different level of experience and retreat. All programs are adapted to fit the thematic specialties of Detox Dead Sea: Weight-loss, Anti-Aging, Stress Management, Disconnection from Addictions, General Health Enhancements or just a reset at strategic junctions of Life.

to learn more about our programs, please consult their individual pages:

Genesis – 7 day program Reset – 5 day program Boosting – 2 to 4 day programs,

  VIP Detox@work Alpha-Station@home

Body Detox

One of the goals of the detox retreat is to clear the body from toxins accumulated over a lifetime of a not-so-healthy lifestyle. This will be achieved primarily through a cleansing juice fast detox, which purifies the blood and cells, lowers acidity levels in the tissues and miraculously revives looks and energy levels.

The menus can vary, depending on the researched effect and the length of the program. But they usually start with a morning warm lemon water drink to flush out the system. If the full juice-fast is selected, you’ll be drinking three substantial glasses of freshly pressed, best, locally sourced, traceable fruit and/or vegetable juices during the day – each one, being an energy bomb rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. In the evening, an herb-flavored, delicious vegetable broth is served to nourish, soothe and calm your organism and spirit. You will not feel hungry (there’s always extra juice if you do).

In addition to the juice-fast (or similar fast if selected), we will provide you with some helpful supplements. You’ll feel light, pure and energized.

We’ll end the fast with luxurious festive meals including raw delicacies lovingly prepared by the hotel chef himself.

The Body Detox also includes thalassotherapy or balneotherapy, skin brushing and internal cleansing (colon cleanse enemas). Optional massages are recommended.

Mind detox

“Morning nature trail” will be your “ceremony at dawn”, combining exercise with awakening your senses to the world. We’ll walk in a scenic panorama, along desert paths, mountains trails or on the beach, welcoming the sunrise over a paradise on Earth.

Later in the day, the “Detox yoga” in the form of a daily, extended yoga lesson, will emphasize gentle asanas and breathing exercises to encourage toxin release and relaxation.

Then, a guided meditation will assist you to connect with your quiet source within.


Conferences and workshops

They vary from retreat to retreat, but you will most probably participate to inspirational and informative talks about natural nutrition and your “post-Detox” food habits. A daily Q&A session on the fasting/detox process also takes place, while we encourage you to join the group and hang-out in a pre-designed spot of the hotel for a juice or two, a chat and a laugh.

If you come in a group retreat, you will join “Bonding Circles” for mutual support and encouragement. Additional escapes (walks in the nature, baths at a beach, cultural events etc.) will increase this bonding sensation among the participants. We’ll also sing, listen to music, watch a movie or just, sometimes, be blissfully silent together.


Relax… It’s only Detox 🙂

We privilege an approach based on fun, support and before all, happiness. We believe that massages and spa treatments, when available as in our “Alpha station”, reinforce the cleansing, rejuvenation and relaxation process. Our selected sites allow you to wind down by a pool or in any of the hidden, magical spots of our retreats.