As many Human Resources officers, we understand the needs of investing in exciting and creative fun activities for employees, to enhance their morale and keep the organization healthy. Therefore, we have created a unique, original and engaging program, customisable for your organization.

Our aim is to increase our participants’ health and happiness, their energy and focus, as well as their relationship within a group. Healthy and happy employees in spirit and in mind are full of positive energy, humor, focus, motivation and involvement.

Our Detox@Work chases away the feeling of loneliness and replaces it with a “company spirit”, a “family spirit”. Experimenting our Detox@Work in a spectacular set increases the ice-breaking between the participants, their bonding, their communication between themselves and with the company’s customers. Your Detox@Work employees will bring harmony and serenity to the work-place, and they will be synchronized as wing mates of a squadron.

If you are interested in booking this program, kindly send us a mail at info@detoxdeadsea.com, and the required details for us to evaluate a program customized to your needs. Please remember to insert your contact details so that we may communicate with you.