Reset 5-Days

This is the maximum effectiveness in the shortest time possible. It also includes the four dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. If you wish a faster take-off path towards a new start, Reset 5-Days is for you. Through an energetic and accelerated journey, you will feel like a transatlantic Airborne “Dreamliner” at full speed.

If you think about the retreat as a spring being compressed, the compression level here reaches a high density – and will, therefore, allow you, at the end of the retreat, at the “decompression” time, to harmoniously swing back to the next phase of your life.

Our participants see this retreat as a highly powerful and efficient transformative journey. Join Reset 5-Days and you will experience a real metamorphosis and a delightful return back home.

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  • Dec
    7 – 11

    Detox Dead Sea

    Location: En Gedi Alpha Station
    Lenght: 5 days