We thought that some persons can’t join our suggested schedules for a specific retreat. That’s why we created the VIP program in 2012. Do you wish a dedicated “dream team” assisting you in your efforts to extract yourself from the hustle and bustle of your daily life, and its consequences? Do you trust us to lead you to an healthier and rejuvenated path? Delicately, with intimacy and professionalism, our best people and efforts will be focused on helping you getting there. Together, we can make you lighter, happier, free. We can discuss about the location, and suggest a range of inspiring sites specially fitting the target of this journey.

If you are interested in booking this program, kindly send us a mail at info@detoxdeadsea.com, and the required details for us to evaluate a program customized to your needs. Please remember to insert your contact details so that we may communicate with you.