There are so many reasons which for we call this location our “Alpha station”. First, the Dead Sea area is the lowest place on earth: 430 meters / 1,411 feet below sea level. This low attitude is beneficial to the health improvement resulting from a Detox. The Dead sea itself is also a huge natural spa. It has the highest salt concentration of any sea on the planet. It also contains 21 minerals, 12 of them being unique to the place and known for their wellness benefits, whether when you float on the water or wrap yourself with mud.

Surrounded by biblical sites, the energy of the place perfectly fits the supporting and relaxed atmosphere needed for a Detox retreat. Set in this magnificent landscape, Ein-Gedi country Hotel is located on a cliff overlooking the desertic mountains of Moab on the East, the Dead sea, as well as the wild canyons of “Nahal Arugot” and “Nahal David”. Rock Hyraxes and wild ibexes are often playing near-by the hotel guests.

There is much more in Ein-Gedi: the “kibbutz” is by itself an internationally-recognized botanical garden. On a surface of 100 dunam (10 ha, 25 acres), it contains almost a thousand of species from all around the world. It is a true oasis, with a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere, an ideal place for relaxing between the baobabs, the moringa trees, the Sodom apples and the palm trees, with the woody scents of myrrh and the sweet scents of frangipani penetrating your senses. In that mystical oasis of the Judean desert, guided by our team and following ancient healing methods, your body will be purified, your mind uplifted, and you will reconnect with yourself.

Daily schedule

Each retreat is different, but there is a common core to all. Whether the retreat is targeting weight-loss, anti-aging, stress management, disconnection from addictions, general health enhancements or just a reset at strategic junctions of Life – you will experience juice-fasting, yoga, meditation, conferences, fun, humor and much magic. Sometimes alone, sometimes within the group, the scenic views of a secluded paradise will help you to safely remove your masks and defenses, release unwanted burdens and enjoy mental peace. You will feel quiet, light, free, healthy and happy.

Kindly note that The Detox Program in Israel is run in English.