The world famous Dead Sea, on Israel’s Eastern border, holds some heavy weight world records. Together with it being the lowest place on earth (- 420 metres below sea level), it also has the highest salt concentration of any of the world’s seas. It’s this high salt concentration that allows the famous ‘float’ whilst reading the newspaper. The Dead Sea contains 21 minerals, 12 of them are found in no other sea or ocean and are known for imparting a relaxed feeling and nourishment to the skin. With year-round sunny skies, dry,  pollution-free air, high oxygen levels and low UV rays (safe sun tanning!), it is no wonder the Dead Sea gained world reputation as a prime wellness destination.

The Dead Sea area, a wild and untamed desert, is steeped in history. The Book of Genesis mentions it as the seat of Sodom and Gomorra, and Kind David hid here from the wrath of Saul. In Roman times King Herod the Great built several fortresses and palaces in the area (the most famous of which is Massada) while the Essenes, a small and pious Jewish sect, settled in Qumran and wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls. Countless prophets, saints, monks and pilgrims found peace and refuge in this spiritual and secluded area.

During the detox retreat we’ll go floating and mud bathing in the Dead Sea as a group, and you’ll have plenty of chances to go by yourself, too. It’s all included in the price of the retreat.